Sat 05
DSHC Ladies 2nd Team
Dart 3
DSHC vs Dart (1-1)

DSHC vs Dart (1-1)

By Jon Shaw
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Written by Ladies 2s DoD Hannah Cooke.

The first half set of badly with dart scoring an early goal for a moment it looked like they had the upper hand with early short all saved by me ( great saves if I do say so myself ) but then ds girls fought back hard forcing them back into the other half and taking many shots ( and missing ).Dart put up a fight though the ball was free with two forwards and a keeper. Fortunately the keeper ( me ) reached it first and cleared it right into coxys' thigh ( the reason I got dod even though I would argue she got in my way ? ) ...after a short interval at half time with an encouraging speech from Emms the second half began, the press became a massive help forcing dart back allowing for more ( missed ) shots on goal but then it really went wrong with a rogue foot in the D bringing a short for dart ,then bad turned to the worst of the worst! Another rogue foot caused a penalty kick ,the worst thing for a keeper, ...but I saved it ,my first ever save of a penalty kick the ball sped up the other end after allowing Emms eventually getting one past the goalie ( I will admit it was quite well deserved ) and with that I conclude my DOD match report from your goalie Hannah (cooke)

Man of the match was sam,
2nd was Lauren
3rd was kasey

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Match details

Match date

Sat 05, Oct 2019



Meet time



Meet in changing rooms at 10am - then bar setup!

Playing in RED

£5 match fees

Teas after- let me know if you can’t stay please.


Petroc Division 2

League position

Dart 3
Devonport Services 2