Sat 28
DSHC Mens 1st Team
Ashmoor A
DSHC vs Ashmoor (0-4)

DSHC vs Ashmoor (0-4)

By Jon Shaw
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Match Report Written by Men's First Team DoD JB.

Brace your self ladies and girls and strap yourself in for this epic match report.

Today on a surprisingly sunny afternoon just as the clock stroked 12 the mighty handsome men of DSHC were stood too and ready for push back against the drilled slick men of Ashmoor.

The first ten minutes consisted of some good looking hockey with both teams holding position and testing each others defence, Ashmoor took the first lead after a menacing break that led to a raised shot rocketing towards the top right corner, DSHC's legendary goal stopper Billy the Kid was able to stretch out and get a glove behind the ball but unable to get enough on it to steer the ball to safety, net bulging 1-0 Ashmoor.

The second goal took some working to find a gap between DSHC massive, outstanding and handsome centre backs Luke and JB with the defence stretched with some good fast passing around the D, a gap was seen and raided by a Ashmoor attacker with the ball penetrating the D, with a desperate Brian trying to snatch the ball back before the reverse hit shot that trembled the backboard, 2-0 Ashmoor.

Before the end of the first half, both sides were graced with a couple of short corners that each side were unable to be clinical enough to put away due to each teams defence being on top of their game.

Second half was a lot of the same as the first with both teams testing the other. Possession was held better by DSHC especially with some good transferring through and around the back finding holes in Ashmoor's strong, solid and drilled press, this lead to a few promising breaks but no goals. After a counter attack from a dodgy ball possibly from Daniel Sag (south Africa ginger) A lone Ashmoor attacker was behind the defensive line one on one with Billy the shot stopping kid, after a unbelievable first save the ball fell once again to the attackers stick. Without a chance to stop and think JB slid in to the rescue with a shot stopping but dodgy tackle that broke down the play stopping a goal. This gave the men a second chance to defend the corner, Ashmoor coolly slotted the ball to the short option and with a good sweep in the ball was neatly deflected into goal. 3-0 Ashmoor

Once again Ashmoor patiently waiting to find and work a gap between the well rehearsed press that DSHC were setting a ball was feed through to a bi line run down the right side of the pitch with a skilled Ashmoor attacker who sneakily slipped the ball between the keeper and the inside post with a skilled flick that bulged the far post side net 4-0

Last minute of the game was a Ashmoor short corner, but with the unbelievable pressure of seeing JB running down the barrel to the top of the D the Ashmoor attacker was left shaking in his Astros. JB was able to whip the ball away for full time.

DSHC put in a good shift against the Ashmoor side and walked off the pitch with positives that will put them in a great position for next week's game against a new enemy. The squad put on a tough game for Ashmoor proving they are not to be a side to reckoned with.

A lot of players stood out today on the battlefield, John A Rigby had some great midfield tackles and individual skill, Ewan playing excellently out of his normal position, Brandy played with class alongside 'Frankie' with some good interlinking play between the squad, Luke commanding and moving the press unleashing it's full potential, and Andy being Andy. This was really a game you had to see.

Man of the match votes went to the defensive side of the squad such as Ewan 4th, Brandy 3rd, JB 2nd, 1st place went to Luke.
The silly player of the day was JB with his goal stopping killer tackle, with Sag in second place who was probably more deserving of the honour due to a shocking short corner injection that could of changed the course of the game.

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Match date

Sat 28, Sep 2019



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Meet at Bullpoint, 12:00hrs for 13:00hrs start.
Red kit
If you’re in the team it will be assumed you’re staying for teas.
£5 match fee.


Southern 2

League position

Ashmoor A
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