Sat 05
Camborne SoM
DSHC Mens 1st Team
DSHC vs CSoM (1-2)

DSHC vs CSoM (1-2)

By Jon Shaw
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Written by Men's First Team DoD JB.

Stop what you're doing! grab yourself a wet, sit down and prep yourself, cause here we go again.

Today was a overcast day the clouds were holding only a 15% chance of rain. good visibility and a south westerly 15mph wind. 15°c air temp but felt like a 13°c with the wind chill, perfect weather for hockey.

After a 50 mile drive to this weeks enemy's location at Penrin the bare 11 men in red faced a young but large Camborne squad. We were Short in players borrowing some from the 2nds but what we lacked in players we made up in work effort and passion. We were set up for a absolute peach of a game.

With push back starying at 12.47 it took 18 mins for the first goal in the battle to be produced. It came from the sticks of Camborne, after a menacing run down our left side a crash ball was sent into the D, JB at full stretch was able to touch the ball slightly redirecting the ball away but a camborne player was able to slip his maker and slap the ball into the right side netting of the goal. 1-0 camborne.

The first half was a flip flop game each team pushing for goals, canoborbe was trying hard for crash ball and deflections but this was no match for the DSHC back four holding strong .
DSHC had several opportunities after pacey runs from fast legged Dom down the right bi line with little slips in towards the P spot but were not clinical enough to find the back board, first half over 1-0.

The start of the second half was called and refuelled from jelly babys the team set up still fully in the game, we just needed to find that last shot on target, the opportunity came when the umpire down the far end had great vision to see a foul inside the D DSHC won a short, with interesting tactics leaving the short corner specialist JB back down the other end of the pitch the team needed something special, a interesting injection (worthy of dod) from Sag, Brian swiftly recovered the ball and entered the D releasing a shot straight down the barrel to the keeper, Sag was able to recover himself by picking up the rebound slotting the ball past the keeper. 1-1 #backin

DSHC defence was busy, in the second half with a couple of uncharacteristic (christ that's big word) mistakes in the D camborne had several shorts, which the defensive 4 were all over and Billy the shot stopping kid was on form coolly saving net busting shots, yet another short was given. The injection was sent to the short option the camborne player then flicked the ball into the netting with no chance of the post man reaching it, 2-1 camborne.

In the last 3 mins some of the DSHC players were eager to push for the equalizer, others such as Andy thought it was 1-1 and had no urgency (a perfect candidate for DoD). In the urgency to win the 1 point JB made a poor pass to the enemy which came to nothing not DOD worthy but here we are. Full time 2-1

Special mentions have to go to the 2nd team players stepping up and performing well, Riggers for playing out of position but impressing the team in left wing back. Billy came 3rd in the votes for man of the match for his great shot saving, Sag and Stodgy In joint 2nd for there defensive work and in 1st was Brian for being brian I guess. DOD we dont need to mention again as the real winner here was Hockey. See you all tonight ?

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Match details

Match date

Sat 05, Oct 2019



Meet time



PB 1245.
Red Kit. £5 match fee.
Postcode for match: TR10 8PZ


Southern 2

League position

Camborne SoM
Devonport Services