Sat 12
DSHC Mens 1st Team
DSHC vs Bude (4-2)

DSHC vs Bude (4-2)

By Jon Shaw
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Written by Men’s 1s DoD Luke Hawkins


Today Devonport Services hosted Bude, in what many believed to be a one sided game full of DS goals, based on a recent preseason friendly. The Bude that turned up today was a very different side.

DS for some strange reason decided to start poorly, the first 10 minutes saw a troubled DS run itself around in circles like a lame puppy. Bandaged up and back in formation DS took control going 1 up from a great Defensive position, a couple of smooth passes from the back, cracking display of strength by Frankie Fraser who hammed home.

It was fair to say that the next goal was almost a defensive masterclass! Unfortunately in a majestic and sacrificial attempt to stop a penalty corner HAWKINS threw himself to ground but not enough for a solid connection and instead of clearing the ball he deflected past the keeper low into the corner. The forwards could learn a thing or two...

The next few minutes saw DS truly own the half. Again from a defensive position Ewan like a young antelope gracefully demolished his opponent before ensuring Our illustrious leader could do nothing but score and score he did.

Some other stuff happened. Brian scored again. Half ended 3-1 to the home team.

The half time team talk was not only inspirational but the break was much needed. DS once more came together and entered the second half with gusto.

The second half would see cards, crying, injury and a bizarre array of hockey from the opposition, they seemed defeated with very little other than the occasional deflected pass.

*JB and Luke created what could only be described as splendiferous! Block tackles, slide tackles and take downs... all legally and elegantly.*

Enter stage left Andy Hyder, for what appeared to be another dubious own goal...but less about that. This would not cloud the already grey skies above Bull point. DS was strong. Brandy showed exactly how and why he is as smooth and silky as his namesake. He slipped around the midfield dominantly ensuring DS had the upper hand in the middle of the park. Brandy to Ewan, who once more proved the power of the formation and the DEFENCE! Ewan created yet another display of sophistication before passing to someone else, who passed it to Dom... Dom the bulldozer, smashing his way and the ball home to ensure a 2 goal lead. 4-2 with minutes to spare.

The opposition dismayed, whinge, agricultural, weak and deflated were defeated. The final score 4-2, it could have been more it should have been 4-0.

Man of the match went to Brandy for his excellent work rate and midfield masterclass. DoD went to yours truly for an own goal (weak). I leave you with this...

_*Together we aspire
Together we achieve
Together we’ll make it
If we do it as a team...
Do it as a team!*_


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Sat 12, Oct 2019



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Meet in the changing rooms at 12 sharp!


Southern 2

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Devonport Services